How to find out about class action lawsuits that could get you paid

There are few things in life better than getting free money. That’s why it pays to stay in the know. An easy way to do that is to stay in the loop on class action lawsuits and settlements that you might benefit from.

Luckily there are a number of free resources that could lead you to money that’s owed to you.

Do you know if you are involved in a class action lawsuit? Here’s how to stay informed

Tens of millions of dollars are awarded each year to consumers for anything from defective products to product misrepresentation and false advertising. But relatively few people ever cash in.

The thing is, there are a websites and databases that cover class action lawsuits and settlements. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones:

  • Consumer Action's Class action database: This site lists major settlements and pending court cases against companies.
  • ClassActionRebates: This site lists products you may have purchased and the amount of the proposed settlement you can expect to receive if you are a part of the class.
  • This is another free resource that tracks ongoing settlements. It also thoroughly explains what is required of potential claimants.

Team Clark writer Theo Thimou points out that "These sites are all for-profit operations — even the "dot org" refers clients out to certain attorneys they partner with — so you should go into that with eyes wide open."

Still, Theo received a $46 check in the mail from a class-action settlement he forgot about!

If you think you have some unclaimed money out there, sign up for's free service to find out. Or you can learn more about how to find unclaimed money in your name here.

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