TB12 by the numbers: Unusual stats that stand out for Tom Brady

BOSTON — Tom Brady, better known around here as the greatest quarterback of all time, has won five Super Bowls so far.

But more importantly, he’s now made it to 8 Super Bowls in his 16-year career as the Patriots starting quarterback. That means he has a 50-percent average when it comes to making the Super Bowl.

It’s one of the many astounding stats that make Tom Brady the G.O.A.T., but here are some other interesting stats.

He’s punted twice.

(They were both pretty good)

He has also caught two passes for an average of 30 yards.

Not to mention, he has made 11 tackles.

The most impressive stat, which might not be that surprising, is Brady’s quarterback rating.

His average career quarterback rating is 102.5, according to

But that skyrockets to 119 in the last two minutes of a half. And it rises to 112 whenever he’s in the red zone.

These are the stats that really show why Tom Brady is so good and so successful.

  • 16 seasons
  • 8 Super Bowl trips
  • 5 Super Bowl wins
  • 2 punts
  • 2 catches
  • 11 tackles
  • 102.5 average QB rating
  • 112 QB rating in the red zone
  • 119 rating in the last two minutes of a half

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