Worcester crash damages local diner

WORCESTER, Mass. — After getting hit by a car, Miss Worcester is standing strong. Amazingly, she has no structural damage according to the building inspector, but she has been standing strong for decades at her busy 3-way intersection. One of her popular dishes is the stuffed French toast, but the one thing the diner doesn’t have is a DriveThru.

“I’m cooking on the grill and all of a sudden you hear a crash, so loud. I have a full house in here, everybody came running out,” said Kim Kniskern, owner of Miss Worcester diner. “She pushed her family out and pushed them out to the side really fast. I think she got injured a little bit.”

Surveillance cameras caught the moment four customers sat outside Miss Worcester and got up as quickly as possible after hearing a crash. They moved just fast enough as a sedan ran right into the building, knocking one guy out of his chair and coming within inches of the entire table.

That was the second crash. The first was when a WRTA bus that appears to be turning left onto Quinsigamond Avenue crashed into the sedan appearing to go straight on Southbridge Street.

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“The guy driving the car seemed pretty injured, so immediately I called 911,” Kniskern said. “Thank God the police station and the fire department are right down the street, so they were here within seconds and the ambulance. He was pretty bloody, and they had to take them out of the car.”

As crazy as the pictures look, the owner said she’s not surprised.

“It’s really not that crazy. This intersection is a bad intersection, so many little fender-benders have been here, constantly somebody is beeping.” Kniskern said. “Usually, it’s right here though because they are waiting for somebody to take a right on red and nobody ever takes a right on right here.”

Police said there have not been any arrests and, since there were only minor injuries, the crash reconstruction team was not called. The car was towed from the scene, but the bus did not need to be towed.

As for the family sitting out there, the owner said they went inside to finish their breakfast.

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