Westborough homeowner wakes up to blown out windows after lightning strike

Lightning strike sends trees, debris into Westborough home

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — A Westborough homeowner woke up to blown out windows during a severe overnight storm.

Lowell Ackerman tells Boston 25 News he was woken up at around 3 a.m. after he heard a loud rumble.

When he got up to investigate, all he found was damage inside his home.

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Police say they believe lightning is to blame for blowing out power and bringing down a tree.

"It sounded like the noise was coming from the front of the house," said Ackerman. "We thought it was thunder or a truck running down the street or whatever. We just got up to check and that’s when we saw from the back of the house the windows were blown out. There’s glass all over the floor.”

According to Ackerman, National Grid has already been out there to assess the issue. They are also looking into whether the lightning traveled through the cable wires because the box out front was blown out.

Ackerman's home is the only one without power.