• Wanted: Plow drivers. Towns across Mass. struggling to find snow plow contractors

    By: Scott McDonnell


    Wanted: Snow plow drivers.

    This week's storm has left crews across the state weary and ready for rest as it became apparent there aren't enough snow plow contractors. One DPW superintendent even asked if we could put a plow on a Boston 25 News truck to come help out! 

    We called several cities and towns and all of them said getting slow plow contractors is a challenge. For some, it's worse than others but if we continue to get these snowstorms that pack a wallop, it could be a long winter. 

    "We still get the job done... it's a little bit harder," said Mike Trotta, Canton Public Works superintendent. 

    He says there's a few reasons for the shortage.

    "Because work has been 12 months, there's a lot of guys that want the winter off. I think a lot of people have decided this year they don't want to work," said Trotta. 

    In Attleboro, they've been hit harder. 

    "Unfortunately, when outside contractors are two-thirds of our total workforce, that's 60% of my workforce," said Mike Tyler, Attleboro Public Works superintendent.

    They raised the rate for plow drivers by $10 an hour to stay competitive with other cities and towns. 

    "We're trying to do things we can do to offer a bit more money, a little bit more incentive to keep these guys on," said Tyler. 

    It could also be a sign of the times.

    "It seems almost it's a generational shift."

    Younger drivers don't seem to be as interested in getting behind the wheel as much as older guys.

    Some superintendents say insurance is also a piece of this. It can be expensive and so can the equipment and the wear and tear plowing can put on your truck.

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