Victims' appeal denied, child rapist Wayne Chapman set for release

SHIRLEY, Mass. - An appeal contesting the release of convicted child rapist Wayne Chapman has been denied and the now-70-year-old man is set to be released from custody.

The Supreme Judicial Court denied the appeal in a decision issued Monday, citing the fact Chapman has met the requirements set forth in his sentencing.

"As both qualified examiners concluded he was no longer sexually dangerous, the lawyers representing the Commonwealth ... recognized that Chapman is entitled to be released according to the laws of the Commonwealth," the decision states. "The Commonwealth has correctly acknowledged that the statutory and regulatory requirements governing Chapman's release have ben complied with and petitioners have not presented any information to the contrary."

Chapman's prison sentence ended in 2004 and he has filed four petitions for discharge since then, though he has remained in custody -- either in prison or civilly committed as a dangerous person.

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Unredacted court documents released last week revealed more about the controversial decision.

The 70-year-old man spent decades in prison, but now could be released because two qualified experts found him no longer ‘sexually dangerous.’

But those findings are under challenge with the state's highest court.

The reports had been heavily redacted, but new copies were released with more details uncovered.

They include information about Chapman's physical and psychological issues that were kept under wraps.

The reports were made public as the Supreme Judicial Court considers an appeal of Chapman's release.

Examiners Gregg Belle and Katrin Rouse Weir both interviewed Chapman in May at MCI Shirley. Each interview lasted about one hour.

Chapman has been convicted of raping boys in Massachusetts and other states, his crimes are recounted in disturbing and graphic detail.

Belle’s reports states that when asked if he was worried about re-offending Mr. Chapman commented, "on occasion, but rare."

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When asked if he was a pedophile, Mr. Chapman responded, "depends on whose definition. In my definition, no."

Belle's reports reveal that since Chapman arrived at MCI Shirley in 2015, he has not participated in sex offender treatment.

Rouse Weir, noted Chapman looked older than 70 and, at 300 pounds, was overweight. She noted he had difficulty putting sentences together.

In the end, both Weir and Belle found, based on Chapman's age and health it would be unlikely that Chapman would re-offend if released.

Belle's decision seems mindful that Chapman's risk to re-offend is not zero.

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"Mr. Chapman absolutely cannot be in an environment with access to children and he is likely exaggerating some of his physical and cognitive limitations," the report stated.
The reports also highlight Chapman's recent behavior problems.

On March 4, 2018, a nurse reported she found Chapman in bed with no blankets, his diaper ripped off and himself fully exposed in the early morning hours. The reported noted Chapman had been educated on indecent exposure prior to the incident.

On February 24, 2018, concerns were raised when a receipt surfaced showing Chapman bought a boy’s wallet.

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Governor Baker's office released the following statement regarding Chapman's release:

"The administration does not support the release of Mr. Chapman and plans to file legislation to increase penalties and improve court proceedings for sexually dangerous persons.”