• Surveillance camera catches two hit-and-run incidents in East Boston


    EAST BOSTON - A surveillance camera above Lolley's Bakery in East Boston registered two hit-and-run incidents within the span of 72 hours this week.

    On Monday morning around 2 p.m., a dark colored Honda Accord traveling east on Bennington Street plowed into a red pick-up truck and then drove away.

    Then on Thursday, at around 2 a.m., another hit-and-run was recorded by the same surveillance camera that caught the Honda Accord. This time, a dark colored van veered off the road, over a sidewalk, and wiped out about 10 feet of fence before taking off.

    Anderson Abreu is the owner of the red pick-up truck hit by the Honda Accord, and now he says that because his car has been totaled, he hasn't been able to work.

    "I lost money, lost three days of work, you know," Abreu said. "I paid 10,000 dollars last year, now it's junk, now it'd bad. Now next year, I start bad, you know?"

    Abreu works as a mason and hasn't been able to move bricks as his pick-up truck hasn't moved since Monday.

    Sadly, for Anderson this isn't the first time he's been a victim of a hit-and-run on his own street.

    "I lost two cars here," Abreu said. "I lost one here and another one over there in 2007. Two cars now that I've lost because people drink and drive, crazy, you know?"

    Residents, however, say they're not surprised something like this happened in two separate instances within such a small time frame. 

    "I think the roads are too small for two lanes, so yeah, I think maybe (if it was) just one road going that way and one road coming this way, but yeah, (I'm a) little worried especially when you have a kid and this street is really, really busy.

    The driver of the van that took down the fence, however, has apologized to the owner and has offered to pay to fix it.

    Boston Police say they haven't made any arrests yet and are still investigating both incidents. 


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