• Police searching for masked man who robbed NH toll booth, made off with coin bag


    HOOKSETT, N.H. - Police are looking for a masked suspect who allegedly robbed a toll booth attendant and made off with a bag of coins at the Hooksett toll plaza early Wednesday.

    "It’s not the typical robbery, if there is a typical robbery," said Trooper Matthew Field of the New Hampshire State Police.

    State Police said the male suspect was wearing a blue ski mask and driving a silver car when he pulled up to the toll attendant, exited the vehicle with a knife and demanded the attendant put all the money in a bag.

    "The suspect in his vehicle drove up, stopped in the toll lane, at which point he exited his vehicle with what appears to be a pocket knife and demanded money that was in the toll," Field said.

    The man then made off with an undisclosed amount of coins in a coin bag, although investigators say he didn't make it out with much cash.

    "The money would have been small change quarters and at this point, it would have been what appears to be quite small amount, possibly less than a dollar," Field said. 

    The attendant was not injured.The suspect remains at large and New Hampshire State Police are asking anyone with information on the incident to contact trooper Matthew Field at 603-223-3792.

    "We are trying to look at this from all angles in hopes that getting these images out, this story, someone will either recognize the suspect or his vehicle and be able to reach out to us with some information," Field said. 

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