• Pedestrian fatally struck by truck in apparent hit-and-run in Somerville

    By: Elysia Rodriguez


    SOMERVILLE, Mass. - A pedestrian has died after being struck by a truck in an apparent hit-and-run in Somerville Friday night.

    Somerville Police responded to a report of a hit and run at around 7:16 p.m. at the intersection of Powderhouse Boulevard and Hardan Road. 

    Officials say two women were injured in the crash and both were transported to an area hospital, where one of them, identified as 40-year-old Somerville native Allison Donovan, was pronounced dead while the other sustained non-life threatening injuries.

    Donovan was a longtime educator and administrator within the Watertown Public Schools, serving as a teacher at the Hosmer School and as interim principal at the Lowell School.

    Most recently, she was the district's K-9 literacy coordinator. 

    “It is with great sadness that we learned of the unexpected death of Allison Donovan," Watertown Public Schools said in a statement. "Ms. Donovan was a long time educator and administrator in the Watertown Public Schools who was loved by students and staff. She brought invaluable knowledge, insights, compassion, and dedication to the district and was passionate about providing students with the best education possible. She will be greatly missed and our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends at this most difficult time."

    Somerville native Daniel Rosan said that the death was saddening, but not shocking, given the dangerous intersection where it occurred.

    “We were horrified that someone died but I have to say we weren’t that surprised," Rosan said. "The crossing guard has been telling parents for years it's a bad intersection that folks drive too fast. They come off 16 and still think they're on the highway.

    The crosswalk is right in front of the West Somerville Community School, and neighbors are now fighting even harder for change in the area.

    “We are worried," Rosan said. "We’re worried for our kids and worried something like this will happen.”

    They said the area where Donovan was killed is dangerous, and said they've been complaining about it for a long time.

    "All of the parents at the West Somerville School have been talking about the safety of this area for many years," Rosan said.

    City Council President Katjana Ballantyne is pushing for a meeting Monday morning on the issue, saying in a Facebook statement that police will be present at the crosswalk during pick-up and drop-off at the school until further notice.

    Preliminary investigation suggests the driver was in a newer model full-size black pick-up truck. The vehicle has a black cover over the truck bed, and is possibly a Ford F-150.

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    Investigators believe the truck hit the pedestrians in a crosswalk, and is believed to have sustained front-end damage to the left side. A search is still on-going for the driver of the vehicle. 

    Teachers and administrators in Watertown are working this weekend to make sure a plan is in place to help students when classes start Monday, and they will have grief counselors on hand.

    The search for the driver continues, and anyone with information is asked to call Somerville Police.

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