Patriots fan breaks foot 'jumping for joy' after Super Bowl win

BOSTON — When James White punched in New England’s game-winning touchdown to cap off a historic comeback win in the Super Bowl, Diane Vadala was jumping for joy.

But then she heard a loud crack.

“Then I continued to jump on one foot, yelling, ‘I broke my toe!’” she said in a message to FOX25. “Turned out to be my top foot bone, not toe.”

Vadala said she had quit watching the game when the Patriots went down 21-0 and didn’t want to come back into the room after they started scoring.

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“I continued to stay out of the room so I wouldn’t jinx them!” said Vadala.

But as soon as the team won, she went bounding down the stairs to watch the celebrations and started “jumping around like a nut.”

That's when something broke in her foot and she scheduled a doctor's appointment for early Monday morning.
Vadala said doctors are considering surgery, but aren't sure the best course of action yet.