North End residents calling on city leaders to address 'rundown' park

North End residents calling on city leaders to address 'rundown' park

BOSTON — Some North End residents have been complaining about Cutillo Park for years, and with good reason.

Strewn about the park are dirty needles, trash and graffiti, to name some of the problems that make what was once a beloved park into an eyesore.

Residents say it's always been bad, but recently it seems to have gotten worse, which is why they are now petitioning city leaders to come in and make some changes.

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"We have hundreds of thousands of tourists we cater to, we're a historic neighborhood," said one resident. "Overall it looks rundown, you see a park but nobody using it, you wonder what is wrong with the neighborhood."

Cutillo Park has been a place for kids to play in one of Boston's most popular neighborhoods since the 1920's, but recently it's become far too unsafe and unsanitary.

People reported seeing drug paraphernalia right next to playground equipment, on top of the lack of attention the park has gotten in the past couple of months.

"It doesn't really present a good face for the city," said one resident.

In order to fight the problem, residents have started a petition to City Hall asking for some general cleaning and maintenance to start.

"We're starting small and hopefully there's a lot of potential," said a resident.

Others believe the park has outlived it's lifespan, arguing there aren't as many kids in the neighborhood anymore.

The City of Boston says they've tried sprucing up the area with murals that were painted in the last four weeks.

You can learn more about the efforts to clean up Cutillo Park here.