NH primary: Amy Klobuchar

The Minnesota senator, a candidate who was just barely on the map a few weeks ago, has risen to a third ranking in many polls in the Granite State.

NH primary: Amy Klobuchar

CONCORD, N.H. — Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar came in strong on Tuesday, where early reports showed her in third place, right behind PeteButtigieg and Senator Bernie Sanders.

Klobuchar’s popularity has been steadily rising since the last Democratic debate, something numbers reflected clearly during the New Hampshire primary.

Popular phrases like “Klobu-charged” and “Klo-mentum” have been making the rounds in references to her campaign. Over the course of just three days after last Friday’s debate, her campaign announced it had taken in $3 million in donations.

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While her surge in popularity is in a phenomenon that’s just taken off in recent days, Klobuchar has been generating support from a wide array of voters since announcing her presidential campaign in Feb. 2019.

The Minnesota Democrat is appealing to a wide array of voters, including moderates, independents and even some who voted for Trump in 2016. Klobuchar she says she has the receipts, pointing to her record of strong wins in bright red parts of Minnesota.

“Amy is steady as she goes, she works hard sometimes people feel that that’s not so sexy that there’s not enough sizzle here, I think we saw on [the] debate stage she’s got plenty of sizzle,” said Amy Rotenberg, who has known Klobuchar for 30 years.

“I like to call her the uniter and chief - she’s taken the middle road but she knows what she believes in," said Patrick MeKeown, a Klobuchar supporter.

Klobuchar says this fight is all about grit and that she’s proud of her scrappy campaign, which plans to ramp up as she takes this battle to Nevada and South Carolina. She is now planning to add staff to Super Tuesday states to take things up a notch.