Newer Orange and Red Line cars remain out of service amid issues, MBTA says

MBTA’s newer Orange and Red Line cars will remain out of service for the foreseeable future, the company said on Monday.

Both newer Orange Line and Red Line cars were taken out of service on March 16 after a slow-speed derailment near Wellington Station on the Orange Line. An investigation following the derailment identified “something acting abnormally” within their truck frames, State House News Service reported. That investigation is still continuing.

MBTA Deputy General Manager Jeff Gonneville said to State House News Service that tests conducted on the Orange and Red Line cars, which were manufactured by CRRC, determined that as the vehicle mileage increases, it takes more and more force to turn their truck frames. As a result, the MBTA pulled all of their newest CRRC-manufactured trains from service.

The MBTA will resume conversation about the issues on June 7.

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