Sports world reacts to Tom Brady's 2nd retirement with praise and humor: 'I'll believe it when I see it'

Tom Brady announced his retirement on Wednesday, and even though this seems really familiar, this isn't Groundhog Day and you haven't traveled back in time. In a video he posted on Twitter, Brady said he's retiring "for good" this time, exactly one year to the day after he retired the first time.

When Brady announced his retirement on Feb. 1, 2022, you couldn't look at social media for more than 20-30 seconds without seeing a Brady tribute video or article, all praising him for his outstanding and singular career. This time there were more jokes, since Brady literally did this 365 days ago.

There were some fans who just straight up don't believe Brady is seriously done, even though he said he was retiring "for good" in his video.

Others fans took some time to luxuriate in the memories Brady left them ... of their favorite teams beating him in big games. Philadelphia Eagles fans were especially amped, as the Eagles were the last team to beat Brady in a Super Bowl, and they're also headed to the Super Bowl again in less than two weeks.

Jokes aside, fans, broadcasters, and fellow players (both active and retired) sent Brady their best wishes on his (probably) permanent retirement

One eagle-eyed Twitter user pointed out that Brady's announcement comes just a few days before the movie "80 for Brady" comes out.

If that's true, good for him. It's his life and his career. If he wants to announce his retirement to boost the box office receipts for a movie he's heavily involved in, that's his choice. He didn't play world-class football for 23 seasons just to let someone else dictate how it ends.