Mendon couple thankful no one hurt when wood chipper falls into house

Mendon couple thankful no one hurt when wood chipper falls into house

MENDON, Mass. — A Mendon man and his wife are feeling very lucky on Tuesday after a wood chipper fell through their roof. Police say the wood chipper detached from a truck, slammed into a telephone pole and then landed on top of the home.

Crashing right through the couple's living room. They told Boston 25 News that it's a blessing no one was hurt.

At 90 years old, Malcolm Clifton was helping his wife when he heard a loud crash from the living room.

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The damage he saw was just indescribable.

"You're not going to believe this, a huge machine just came in through our living room," he said. "Just wiped out everything."

Mendon Police say after the wood chipper disconnected from a truck and hit a utility pole on Providence Street, both crashed right through the Clifton's living area.

A freak accident that has Malcolm counting his blessings.

"Fortunately, I was not sitting in my usual chair I’m in," he said. "I was assisting her; she can't work, she's confined to a wheelchair."

He says his wife was shaken up seeing the serious damage in their living space. Blue tarp now covers where two walls once stood.

"It really startled her more than me because I saw it," Malcolm said. "All of a sudden it was done and over with. Didn't take long to get to my house."

The Clifton's display a 'blessed' sign outside their front door; Malcolm says they now know it rings true.

"I am truly blessed that I was not sitting in that chair," he said. "I got that sign on that door and I'm truly blessed it did not take me."