• MBTA Monday: Shuttle buses on the Green Line D-branch due to 'wire problems'


    Monday commuters are dealing with multiple issues on the T this morning.

    Here are the issues that could slow you down this morning:

    Green Line

    Shuttle buses are transporting riders in both directions between Riverside and Reservoir on the D branch due to a "wire problem." The T has given no estimate as to when regular service will resume. 

    Commuter rail ticket app working again

    An issue with the MBTA mTicket App prevented riders from purchasing commuter rail tickets for at least an hour. The issue was resolved around 9:41 a.m., according to a tweet.

    Slowed Red Line delays continue

    The Red Line derailment repairs will add an extra 20 minutes (minimum) to trips as the trains must run slower due to damaged equipment.

    During rush hour, there are currently 10 Red Line trains per hour. Full service is normally 13 to 14 trains per hour during those peak ride times. With the MBTA working to return the red line to normalcy, riders will be forced to deal with the 10 trains per hour until Labor Day.

    A long-planned fare increase is set to go into effect on July 1, despite calls for the MBTA to delay rising prices as daily delays and rider frustration continues.


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    MBTA rejects calls for delaying fare increase while Red Line is repaired

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