• MBTA considering $3.5B Green Line investment


    BOSTON - If you’re using the Green Line to head to work or Fenway Park, you’ve likely stood on a crowded train – but the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is working to change that.

    The board overseeing the MBTA has agreed to spend $35 million on a consultant to plan out the future of the Green Line, but a longer trolley car idea could end up costing $3.5 billion.

    The T is already spending about $850 million to replace the fleet of Orange and Red line trains.

    The plan, which is seen in a video tweeted out by the MBTA, would replace all but the newest Green Line trolleys with longer trains that could potentially double the riding capacity.

    That’s the appeal to long-term planners at the MBTA.

    The Green Line currently serves about 200,000 people a day.

    The $3.5 billion price tag would also include the infrastructure work needed to expand certain loading platforms and adjust some tight turns. 

    At Monday’s meeting, no specifics were given for where the money would come from, but the call is rolling.

    The hired consultant is working on a six-year contract. 

    Boston 25 News will continue to monitor the progress and will provide updates about how the Green Line investment progresses.

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