Chaos in Haverhill, man nearly run over on video

HAVERHILL, Mass. — Kyle MacEachern heard screaming and saw a fight outside of his Crystal Street home. “No killing in front of my house. Really simple,” said MacEachern.

When he opened the door he saw one of the men holding a knife. “One guy has a knife and I see it in his hand. He had gotten a bit of a stab in a man’s face. He seemed to be OK but very enraged at the time,” he said.

MacEachern says that rage leads to the next chaotic scene that he captured on his cell phone through his front window.

“I realize they’re arguing saying obscenities to each other and it’s a big old argument,” said MacEachern.

The video he shot shows a man getting hit by that Ford Explorer. Watch as it backs up and takes aim hitting and pushing him.

The man hangs onto the hood and is spun around before falling to the ground. Then the SUV pushes him right into the garage.

Other neighbors were unnerved by that apparent act of road rage and the stabbing. “It is kind of threatening for other people to hear these stories,” said Tom Palleschi who lives up the street.

As for MacEachern, he’s just glad no one was killed. “I just don’t want them to die in front of my house I don’t care what your problem is.”

The Explorer with damage to the front headlight was towed away.

Haverhill Police are investigating.