Woman speaks out following terrifying incident on Route 24 in Brockton

BROCKTON, Mass. — Ashley Lyons says she was driving down Route 24 North in Brockton Thursday afternoon when her back window was hit.

“I was driving in the fast lane on the far left and all of a sudden I hear this really weird noise, I’m looking around, what is that, and I just happen to look over my shoulder and noticed a bullet hole in the glass window in the back passenger side,” said Lyons, who was driving home from work.

A few seconds later, she says the glass shattered everywhere — all over her son’s car seat.

Luckily he wasn’t sitting there at the time.

“It was very, very scary and thinking back what could have been if my son was sitting in his car seat or if it had maybe hit me or whatever it may have been is very scary,” said Lyons.

Lyons says she pulled over and notified police, and she’s still trying to figure out what exactly happened.

“I assume it was a bullet of some sort whether it be a pellet or a BB gun or something like that it was absolutely a bullet hole in the window,” said Lyons.

Massachusetts State Police say they’re investigating the incident, but they haven’t received any other reports of shots fired on Route 24 or on any highways nearby.

Lyons says luckily she’s okay and she already got her window fixed, but she hopes police take this incident seriously.

“I would like to find who’s responsible and prevent it from happening to anyone else,” said Lyons.

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