Preparations underway along South Shore as they brace for powerful wind and waves

SCITUATE, Mass. — Along Boston’s South Shore, many of the communities were bracing for the potential for high winds and big surf.

Tony O’Brien devised this system where he can slide boards into place to give his house a fighting chance. “Nor’easter, that’s when you have to pay attention,” said O’Brien. “When I first got here I saw this thing flexing after 50 miles an hour”

Scituate Town Administrator Jim Boudreau has been getting the word out to his residents – knowing many may not have a winter storm on their radar since it has been so mild.

“We are expecting some power outages,” said Boudreau. “Gas up your generators, gas up your cars, charge your electronics. Just be ready.”

Marshfield Town Administrator Mike Maresco says it feels better about Nor’easters because of their new seawalls. They are three feet higher, two feet deeper and the bases are wider.

“For us, it’s really the wind, I’m concerned about the wind, 60 mph,” said Maresco.

Both coastal towns say these long-duration storms can impact several tides – and it snowballs into bigger problems. “Depending on how many high tides don’t go fully out, that will then cause the rivers to back up and flood some of those low-lying areas,” said Moresco. “The wind will kind of pin the water up against the shore and doesn’t go out and then the next tide comes in and kind of builds up,” said Boudreau.

Locals say they have been through some difficult storms – and they always take them seriously. “We just watch the wind really. Like a lot of people around here we got a generator because of that,” said one Marshfield resident.

Officials in both towns say the limited snow will help them focus their resources on the potential flooding. Scituate is anticipating moderate to minor flooding, especially in flood-prone areas.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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