Dukes County

Oak Bluffs officer helps skunk stuck in yogurt container

OAK BLUFFS, Mass. — What’s black, white, and red all over? A skunk with its head stuck in a yogurt container!

Jokes aside, Oaks Bluff Police Officer Maliff happened upon a potentially smelly situation Monday night when he found a skunk in need of some assistance.

Not wanting the last of the Yoplait Yogurt to go to waste, the skunk’s eyes (and head for that matter) were bigger than its stomach when he became trapped inside the container.

“Officer Maliff came up with a creative solution, which in the end freed the skunk without having to send his uniform to the dry cleaners,” the Oaks Bluff Police Department wrote in a Facebook post.

It is unclear what kind of flavor of yogurt the skunk had, but all parties walked away safely.

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