Cleanup begins in wind-whipped Plymouth after blizzard dumped 24 in. of snow

PLYMOUTH, Mass. — Cleanup began Sunday after Saturday’s blizzard dumped two feet of snow in Plymouth.

“The amount of snow that was dumped yesterday was incredible,” John Verespej said. “I couldn’t even see across the parking lot because of the wind, the snow.”

Verespej works for a tree removal company out of Ohio. They were brought to Plymouth to help remove trees that fell on power lines during Saturday’s storm. The conditions were too treacherous in Plymouth Saturday for the crews to work, so they got started as soon as the sun came up Sunday.

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“It’s night and day from last night to today,” said Verespej. “You’re going to have the power company try to restore the power and the tree guys here helping out, too.”

Meanwhile, plow drivers continued cleanup efforts after working 24 hours nonstop during the blizzard.

“I started working about 2:30 a.m. Saturday, wee hours of the morning, then went all the way until about 2:30 a.m. Sunday,” said plow driver Erik Replogle. “I came back out two hours later, and now I’m out doing all the cleanup.”

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Replogle said Saturday’s blizzard was one of the worst storms he’s ever experienced.

“The conditions were terrible. You couldn’t see two feet in front of you. The snow was probably coming down 60 miles an hour at you,” Replogle said. “Sometimes I had to just pull over on the side of the road and stop because it was just a straight white out, and the snow was so heavy to push at times that I got stuck probably five times yesterday.”

People living in Plymouth said the strong winds made digging out their car easier despite the two feet of snow that fell.

“It wasn’t that hard because the winds were kind of blowing away the snow, so the car was kind of like good,” Nicholas Kariuki said. “But getting out of the parking lot was a problem because I had to shovel a little bit.”

At times, wind gusts hit 60 miles per hour by the water in Plymouth.


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