Black Lives Matter signs destroyed in Arlington churches and homes

ARLINGTON, Mass. — In Arlington, so many people are left stunned that at least four Black Lives Matter signs were destroyed.

Arlington police say they were notified Monday morning about the four Black Lives Matter signs that were destroyed across town.

“It makes me feel angry, makes me feel misunderstood, that we aren’t able to enter into a dialogue,” said Rev. Erica Richmond of First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Arlington.

Rev. Erica Richmond works at First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Arlington.

That church, along with Calvary United Methodist Church, and two other private homes in East Arlington, had Black Lives Matter signs damaged.

“I’m sad they think this has to resort to violence in order to be heard,” said Richmond.

At the Calvary Church, two Black Lives Matter signs and one mural were destroyed.

There was a KKK sticker placed on a lawn sign, and another KKK sticker was stuck to a hate has no home here sign.

In both cases, the sticker depicts a Klansman wearing a white robe, and mask on a horse with a torch.

Tuesday evening, along Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington, dozens of protesters stood in solidarity for Black Lives Matter. So many of these protesters tells us, they have been standing out here since George Floyd’s death.

“It’s hard to keep the movement going when people try to sabotage you in this world,” said Louis Shriber, an Arlington high school student.

While so many in town are left wondering why someone would do this, everyone here made sure their voices were heard.

“I think there are a lot of angry people, and not everyone is in supporting people of color,” said Peggy Gardiner of Arlington.

“Black lives matter, to know that every life is important,” said Richmond.

Church organizers tell us right now they don’t have any surveillance video, and this isn’t the first time the Black Lives Matter sign has been vandalized. But Arlington Police and church officials are asking the public to please call them with any tips. They want to catch the person who vandalized the Black Lives Matter signs.