Beach day in April? People warned not to go in water due to cold temperatures, no lifeguards

REVERE, Mass. — Summer in April? Thursday could mark the first time Boston hits 80 degrees this season!

That might have a lot of people heading to the beach to soak up the warmth. It will be a nice beach day, but not so nice if you’re thinking of jumping in the water.

It’s important to remember even though it will feel like summer, the water is still very cold. It’s Cold Water Safety Awareness Week and there are some important things officials want you to remember.

Even experienced swimmers can lose muscle control quickly if the water temps are below 70 degrees. In fact, according to NOAA and the National Weather Service, survival time can be as little as one hour when the water is cooler than 70. When water temps are below 60 or even 50 degrees, it can get even more serious with the loss of feeling in extremities and making self-rescue nearly impossible.

Officials also recommend finding shade and hydrating as a way to cool off.

As we inch closer to summer, the state is still looking for lifeguards to keep swimmers safe. State recreation officials are trying to hire more lifeguards so they don’t have to deal with another shortage.

The State Department of Conservation and Recreation is boosting hourly pay. Last year it was $21 an hour. This year it will be $22 to $23 an hour with up to $27 an hour for lifeguard supervisors. DCR is also offering a $500 signing bonus if you sign up before May 1st. Cumulative bonuses can reach up to over $1,200 to entice lifeguards to work through the entire summer. The state is also offering free training classes—which are worth $400.

Last year, there were pools that couldn’t open and certain beaches that had signs saying ‘No Lifeguard on Duty’ because of the shortage.

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