Local restaurant reinventing itself for contact-less world in midst of COVID-19 pandemic

Restaurants are some of the many businesses facing incredible challenges right now.

NORTH EASTON, Mass. — Restaurants are some of the many businesses facing incredible challenges right now. And while only take-out is possible during this coronavirus pandemic, one local restaurant in North Easton that has re-invented itself to meet the needs of customers in this new contact-less world.

Maguire's Bar and Grill in North Easton is using their Facebook page to provide some fun during this tough time and to get out the message on how they are adapting to the world we live in today.

“We’ve taken our entire restaurant, every system we’ve have over the past 27 years, and had to provide a safe environment, number one, that our employees can work in and, number two, that we can serve customers in,” said Neil Levine of Maguire’s.

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That safe environment includes strict protocols on who is inside making the food.

“We’ve locked down our building,” Levine said. “No one comes in or out of our building. I had to tell my own wife she couldn’t come visit me at work.”

First, all orders are taken over the phone. The restaurant has gone totally cashless – no touching of credit cards or cash. They ask what car you are driving and, when you are pulling up, they put your food on the table outside.

“So no one involved in the process from the customer to employee comes in contact with you or anything you’ve touched,” Levine said.

It may seem extreme, but for some customers, safety is what they’re looking for.

“It’s as safe as it can be,” said Joan, a customer at Maguire’s. “I find comfort in comfort food in my community. It’s safe, it’s delicious, it’s clean.”

And the word is spreading.

“It seems to have exploded over the last three weeks,” Levine said.