• Local family captures video of shark swimming near boat in Cape Cod Bay

    By: Drew Karedes


    WELLFLEET, Mass. - A local family describes it as "the thrill of a lifetime" while fishing Sunday afternoon in Cape Cod Bay. They were stunned to see a great white shark right next to their boat. 

    When the Maitinos took off from a marina in Dennis, they never imagined the up close and personal encounter they’d be met with about five miles away in Wellfleet.

    With more than 150 great white sightings off the coast of the Cape since June, they realize it's not all that unusual, but rather telling of what’s turned into the norm around here.

    It was a boating excursion that began just like all the others for this family from Reading who spends summers on the Cape. But it turned into something much bigger on Sunday when they spotted a large fin pointing above the water’s surface.

    "We couldn't believe it at first and then obviously when we saw it, it was that much more exciting," said Al Maitino. 

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    Al and Becky Maitino, their 3 kids and a 14-year-old family friend embraced every second of the spectacle, capturing several videos of what’s believed to be a great white shark near Billingsgate Shoal in Cape Cod Bay.

    "It's crazy because that's where we fish all the time," said 16-year-old Rocco Maitino. 

    "It was pretty unique to see a great white shark in the same waters that we’ve been fishing for years," Al added.

    Like many others who spent time out on those waters, the Maitinos have been hearing about more and more great whites venturing inside Cape Cod Bay and going after fishermen's catches.

    They say that trend, combined with last year’s deadly attack of Arthur Medici on the shores of the outer Cape, is what changed their habits.  

    "It was beautiful and warm," Al said. "In those type of days we would normally jump in that very same area without hesitation. Clearly in this day and age we are very reluctant to do so."

    Over on the outer Cape, two separate great white sightings prompted the closures of Coast Guard Beach and Nauset Beach for several hours on Sunday morning.

    There was also an unconfirmed shark sighting on the North Shore that resulted in the closure of Crane's Beach in Ipswich.

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