• Judge sentences masseuse convicted of raping female clients in Winchester

    By: Malini Basu


    WINCHESTER, Mass. - A licensed massage therapist convicted of sexually assaulting women was sentenced Wednesday in Middlesex Superior Court.

    A judge sentenced Alexander Osher to 9 to 13 years in prison, saying that he should be ashamed of himself. 

    "For those victims to come forward and deal with the embarrassment and the shame, and difficulty, they need to know that each of their participation in this case had meaning," said Judge Michael Ricciuti.

    Osher worked at the Wellness Center in Winchester. Prosecutors say he sexually assaulted and raped four women during their massages.


    The women went for massages during a 3-month period, from November to December 2016.

    "They were undressed, naked, lying on a table, there for a therapeutic massage. They placed their trust in him, the defendant, who took advantage," said Assistant Distrmassaict Attorney Courtney Linnehan.

    In January 2017, Boston 25 News spoke with the owner, Svetlana Kresser, and she showed a Boston 25 news crew around her place of business. 

    "He has good reputation," Kresser said at the time. 

    "I was there on the side all the time, sitting right there. I never left him alone," she said.

    In court, prosecutors say the victims are still living with this nightmare.

    "He abused the position of trust he had over these victims, and he had time to think through what he was doing," Ricciuti said. 

    "I was very disappointed in the sentence. It was over and above what the Commonwealth asked for," said defense attorney Richard Welsh.

    The judge did not give Osher any probation time, because he feels that the length of time behind bars is enough.

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