• Husband convicted of murdering wife, beloved Lynn teacher at Revere home


    LYNN, Mass. - The husband of a beloved Massachusetts elementary school teacher has been convicted of killing his wife.

    Andrew MacCormack was convicted by a jury Monday of first-degree murder, after five full days of deliberations. 

    Authorities say the 31-year-old MacCormack stabbed and strangled Vanessa Masucci-MacCormack in their Revere home in September 2017 then cleaned the house with bleach.

    Prosecutors said the couple was having financial problems and Vanessa MacCormack had confronted her husband about his drug use before her death and threatened to seek a divorce if he didn’t “shape up.”

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    They say after the killing, Andrew MacCormack took their 1-year-old daughter with him to buy cocaine.

    “Vanessa Masucci’s future was violently ripped away from her by the person who took an oath, promising to love and care for her. I will not refer to Vanessa by her married name because the man who took her life will not also take her identity,” District Attorney Rollins said. 

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    Defense attorneys said investigators did not look hard enough at other potential suspects. MacCormack's attorney says he plans to appeal.

    Sentencing is set for Dec. 2.

    The 30-year-old Vanessa MacCormack was a second-grade teacher at Connery Elementary School in Lynn.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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