Boston residents running out of time to apply to rental relief fund

Boston residents running out of time to apply to rental relief fund

BOSTON — For some renters in Boston, there may be help. You can apply for part of a $3 million rental relief fund but you’re running out of time.

"It's devastating economically and the stability of having to pay rent, mortgage, property taxes and the cost of trying to stay in your home is overwhelming right now," said Michelle Wu, Boston City Councilor At-Large.

There are some guidelines to qualify and then it's up to a lottery.

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You must show you do not have access to unemployment benefits or shot that those unemployment benefits represent a significant reduction in actual income.

On top of that, you have to show you do not have savings to meet the need or access to other resources, that includes gifts from family or other people you know.

They are also considering any other federal aid that you may be eligible for.

“The most upsetting part is that so many of the communities and residents and businesses who are already right on the edge and holding on prior to COVID-19 are the ones who are being hit hardest by this pandemic,” said Wu.

Wu said the relief fund is a good first step but more is needed.

“Everyone who needs support right now and needs that extra help should try to apply by the deadline but also reach out to your local representative to let us know because we want to make sure we are serving the true need in the community and not just trying to ration some among those who might be able to apply first we also really need support at the State House so really advocating for those at the statehouse who are advocating for rent relief and a moratorium and a more equitable way for people to stay at home during this crisis,” she said.

The time to apply is running out; you have until noon on Friday, April 10. All of the applicants will be entered into a lottery that will happen on Monday and if you are chosen, you’ll hear back next week.

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