Boston bars buzzing after COVID restrictions are lifted

BOSTON — Boston experienced a lively start to the holiday weekend as people celebrated their first night out amid lifted COVID-19 restrictions.

Bars and restaurants filled back up quickly on Saturday and Sunday, with people waiting in long lines in the rain to experience their first real taste of normalcy.

“We’re so happy to be back,” said Olivia Kinzel of Dorchester. “We were actually told that the line wasn’t that long but it ended up being longer than we expected, but totally worth it.”

The rainy and cool weather pushed many indoors, with bars and restaurants buzzing at all hours.

Many venues operated at full capacity, and once again, welcomed in mask-less customers.

“It’s awesome, the response from everybody has been overwhelming,” said restaurant owner Mike Shaw.  “Everybody is in an incredible mood.”

Shaw told Boston 25 News that his Southie restaurant Loco, felt like it did back in 2019.

“What we’ve heard is that people are out and about and they’re going to support their favorite places. Places that they haven’t been able to support for whatever reason over the past year and it’s been awesome. Seeing a lot of the same people we saw a year ago and we’re so grateful and really, really happy to be back,” he said.  “We’re hoping that we’re going to have a great summer.”

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