Baker: Mass booster shot gate wide open

All fully vaccinated adults now eligible for additional shot

BOSTON — It’s now at least an eleven day wait to get a booster shot at the North Shore Community College vaccination site.

With any fully immunized adult in Massachusetts now eligible for shot number three -- provided at least six months has elapsed since either the Moderna or Pfizer shots, or two months since the Johnson & Johnson, slots began disappearing Thursday morning -- and by late afternoon, the next times available were on November 29th.

And those were disappearing fast, too.

Jay Vallala was one of those who got vaccinated today after learning he was newly eligible.

“I’m an engineer,” Vallala said. “I looked at all the data and I saw that it only helps, it doesn’t hurt. And that’s why I’m getting the booster shot. I think it will help my family and the whole community to keep safe.”

Terri Pierre had a booster slot booked before the Governor’s announcement. But she was glad to hear it would be available to all -- especially before the holidays.

“I’ve lost family members because of Covid and I have family members that still haven’t taken the shot,” Pierre said. “With the numbers... they’re just going up again. And I think it’s because the old shots that people have gotten have basically worn off and that’s why we have to get a booster.”

Ernesto Fiallos brought his young son to be vaccinated Thursday, as the state sites are also handling pediatric residents, but says he’s on-board with getting a booster.

“I think it’s important because it’s going to give us more strength on our immunity,” Fiallos said. “I got sick before being vaccinated. It wasn’t that bad for me, but with the vaccine, it would have been better.”

Following a press conference at the Greater Boston Food Bank, Governor Baker called the booster an extra layer of protection against Covid -- and suggested there was a good reason to widen availability now.

“As we head into the winter months, there’s always concern about people being indoors more than they’re outdoors,” Baker said.

Already, a week before Thanksgiving, positive case numbers in Massachusetts are climbing -- in recent days, close to three percent.

But not everyone is busting down the door to get a booster.

“I’m all set,” said Cassidy Malley. “I don’t think I really need it.”

“I plan not to get it,” said Tori Gagnon “And that’s because it already took enough for me to actually get the vaccine.”

While Terri Pierre is grateful to have more protection this holiday season, she does have a long-term concern -- one likely shared by many.

“Is this going to happen every year?” she said. “Six months from now are we gonna have to get another booster? When will this booster stuff stop?”

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