• Family had just walked past when Ferrari slammed into Weymouth cars

    By: Robert Goulston


    WEYMOUTH, Mass. - An Abington man faces charges after crashing a Ferrari into two cars in Weymouth.

    A family had just returned home from a walk with their newborn baby when -- minutes after walking inside -- they heard a screech and then the impact. 

    Tuesday night on East Street in Weymouth, police say John DiStasio was driving a Ferrari when he lost control and barreled into two Hyundai's parked in the family’s driveway. 

    The 50-year-old Abington man faces multiple charges including speeding, negligent operation and driving with a revoked license. 

    “We just pulled in, just put the stroller in the car, came in the house when it happened,” the father, who didn’t want to be identified, told Boston 25 News. “A few minutes earlier, I was in between those cars.”

    The 1995 Ferrari is owned by the DiStasio's brother. The crash was so bad the cars had to be pulled off each other. One witness ran out of his house and tried to help the driver driver.  

    “It was revving full throttle, so we just ran over there and got the door open, shut it down and the guy was actually thrown in the passenger seat,” witness Chris Mackinnon said. 

    The Ferrari driver is expected to be okay and will appear in court in the coming days. 

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