Exclusive photos, video show Somerville bank robbery in action

SOMERVILLE, Mass. — Boston 25 News has obtained exclusive new video of a man as he robbed a bank in Somerville. Police are still searching for that suspect who also shot at officers in Davis Square.

Thousands of law enforcement officials across New England are viewing this new video as authorities continue searching for the suspect two weeks after he inflicted terror inside the Middlesex Federal Savings Bank.

The video itself is under a minute long.

In it, we see the bank robber, seconds after firing a shot into the bank's ceiling, at a terrified teller's window. He gestures with his loaded gun, ordering the teller to open her drawer and fill his backpack with cash.

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"He is dangerous. And he is desperate, absolutely. That video shows that clearly," said former Boston Police Chief Dan Linskey. "That is somebody we need to get off the street very quickly, Bob, because this is an individual who will not hesitate to hurt individuals and engage in violence."

In the weeks since the robbery, the FBI released to the public another video showing the suspect colliding with a bystander who tried to stop him. This, just moments after the fleeing suspect shot at a police officer in the bank.

The new video has been posted on a law enforcement website called NESPIN, The New England State Police Information Network.

"NESPIN will have law enforcement across the Commonwealth and the New England region on the lookout for him. And then NESPIN has the ability to send information to other groups internationally and nationally in law enforcement," said Linskey.

Police are also sharing images of a Nike camouflaged hooded sweatshirt and a backpack, matching the items the suspect carried into the bank.

The hope is that someone might recognize him.

If you have any information, please call the FBI at (857) 386-2000.