• Local Uber driver accused of raping 16-year-old girl


    EVERETT, Mass. - An Uber driver appeared in court Thursday on charges related to the rape of a 16-year-old girl.

    Thirty-four-year-old Darnell Booth collapsed at the start of the court proceeding, but recovered after a short recess.

    He was arrested by Everett Police Wednesday night and is being held without bail until Monday. 

    Prosecutors allege that Booth was the Uber driver for the 16-year-old girl June 30 and at that time, he added her on Snapchat, as reported on FOX25 News at 5. 

    "Mr. Booth was flirting with her. They engaged in conversation as I indicated and he dropped her off at their home in Everett," Assistant District Attorney Carrie Spiros said in court, as FOX25's cameras were rolling.

    On July 4, the victim told police she got a message on Snapchat she believed was from Booth, asking her to come outside, but she didn't.

    The very next day, prosecutors said she woke up late for school and texted the bus driver she was going to miss the bus.

    Then, Booth allegedly messaged her on Snapchat, offering her a ride. She got in his vehicle, said prosecutors, to go to school.

    She said Booth stopped at an undisclosed location in the Malden-Melrose area and raped her.

    Seemingly recovered from his collapse, Booth was very expressive when the police report was read.

    "He slapped her in the face on two occasions," said Spiros. And as the report was read, Booth jerked his head back sharply and enlarged his eyes.

    Spiros continued, "at that point he raped her." Booth mouthed the word "whoa" as she read this.
    Public defender Jo Stringer denied the allegations, raising her own questions about the facts in the case.

    "It is a fascinating coincidence that she texts her bus driver to say she doesn't need a ride and then low and behold Mr. Booth says to her, do you need a ride." Stringer said.

    investigators also say they are testing DNA evidence from the victim's t-shirt against a sample from Booth.

    Booth has an eight page record that includes convictions for violent crimes, superior court jail time, and one previous sexual assault.

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