• Employee shoots at would-be armed robber in Lowell store


    LOWELL, Mass. – A young man in Lowell says it was instinct to pull out his gun and unleash five shots when an would-be robber pointed a gun at a relative working behind the register at the business his family owns.

    The man asked we not use his name out of concern for his own safety. 

    Lowell Police are still searching for the suspect connected to Wednesday night’s foiled robbery inside Valentina’s Market.

    "I just was never going to be a victim I refuse to be a victim that’s just what it is,” he said.

    The man told Boston 25 News that he remembers hearing about crimes about his family owned Portuguese specialty food store while growing up. 

    He says that inspired him to get his license to carry when he became old enough. 

    “I was growing up as a child in middle school. They would pick me up, and they would say, someone robbed us today,” he recalled. 

    The would-be robber who stormed into the business on Wednesday was wearing a hooded puffy jacket and sunglasses.

    A surveillance camera captured him pointing a gun at the clerk before a showdown ensued. 

    “I didn’t know what his intentions were. The money isn’t the big thing. If he just wanted the money, I can understand that. When you have a weapon pointed at someone, it’s either you or me,” he said,

    The young man, who had been in the back room, rushed toward the front of the store as soon as he heard the commotion.

    He fired five shots but did not hit the suspect who ducked and then dashed out the door.

    “I’m not a hero, he’s not dead. He’s still out there. That’s what it is to me, I didn’t shoot him, I didn’t wound him, he got away,” he said.

    Lowell Police did not respond to requests for updated information about their investigation on Thursday evening. It’s unclear if the suspect could be connected to other recent crimes in the area.


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