• Relative charged with murders of West Brookfield family, DA says


    EAST BROOKFIELD, Mass. - Six months after the murder of a woman and her three children in West Brookfield, The Worcester County District Attorney’s Office says an arrest has been made. 

    Matthew Locke, 32, has been charged with the four murders, Worcester County DA Joseph Early announced Wednesday afternoon. 

    Locke was arraigned Tuesday afternoon for the murders of Sara Bermudez and her three children where he was ordered held without bail. 

    Carlos Bermudez, the children's grandfather, reported finding Sara, Madison, A.J., and James stabbed to death in a bedroom at their home in March, Early said.   

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    Locke was charged with lying to police about the investigation earlier this year. 

    A woman close to Locke told Boston 25 News in May that Locke couldn’t have killed Bermudez and her children. 

    Locke is a first cousin to Moses Bermudez, Sara's husband and the father of her three children.

    At the time of the murders, Moses Bermudez was in Los Angeles for a work trip.

    "To lose a wife, and 3 children. It’s not natural causes," said Bermudez. "It’s not an accident." 

    Initially, authorities thought Bermudez had something to do with the murders.

    "Of course, I understand the speculation, [but] I was patient," said Bermudez. "Me working with law enforcement, making sure the business at hand was done professionally. I wanted someone held accountable."

    Locke's relationship with the mother of his child was strained in the three years they were together, a relative told Boston 25 News earlier this year. Twice, she took out restraining orders against Locke claiming he got physical with her and threatened her life. 

    Authorities said that, days before the murders, a car associated with Locke was spotted leaving his house in the Ware area.

    On Wednesday, Locke pleaded not guilty and is being ordered without bail.

    The Bermudez family says they've been walking around with a big rock on their shoulder. but now they say "it feels like it's been cut in half."

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