• Couple whose home was devastated by falling tree thankful to be alive


    BEVERLY, Mass. - It's one of those stories where, while completely plausible, you never think it's going to happen to your family.

    For the Corkum's, that's pretty much how it played out.

    On oct. 17, during the height of a gusty storm, the couple was woken up to a massive tree that had fallen onto their house, tearing open their roof.

    "It was a blur at first," said William Corkum. "I was disoriented when everything happened. Rachel was calling my name, and I wasn’t waking up."

    To add to the terrifying moments when William and his wife realized a 70 to 80-foot tree had come crashing through their home was that, should they, or anyone else, had been in the guest room at the time, the story could've had a much different ending.

    "I was wondering why there was so much dirt and debris on our bed, then I looked over and I saw the hole in the house," said William.

    "I kept saying. 'I think the tree fell, the tree fell,'" said Rachel Corkum. "I was looking for my husband, I was looking for him. He wasn’t responding to me."

    William was rushed to the hospital since he has been bleeding from the head and had injuries to his arm.

    The 27-year-old, who is an accountant, has been out of work for the last 4 weeks and has just started driving again.

    The couple says, at the end of the day, that all that matters to them is that they have each other.

    "I’m thankful we are okay," said Rachel. "A house can be replaced. Things can be replaced. I did think the worse [had] happened, I’m thankful he is with us."

    According to the couple, the house will have to be knocked down and rebuilt before they can officially go home.

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