Parents frustrated with handling of Cohasset teacher's alleged sexual abuse

Parents are demanding answers after an alleged case of sexual abuse involving a Cohasset Middle School teacher.

The teacher, identified as Jeffrey Knight, is charged with indecently assaulting a 13-year-old girl in his seventh and eighth-grade classes.

Knight pleaded not guilty to all four counts, and is currently on administrative leave. According to court documents, Knight was reprimanded by two previous employers in the Abington and Silver Lake school districts.

Meanwhile, parents claim the school district didn't report the case quickly enough.

The group of more than 30 parents wrote a letter to the district, with court documents saying the middle school student reported the incident in February, but school officials didn't notify police until May.

Many parents in Cohasset are calling the situation indefensible, saying in the letter that "it's unconscionable that Cohasset school leaders waited three months before reporting alleged incidents of sexual assault of a middle school student to police."

Amy Dilillo, a parent at the school, preached the importance of being clear and providing clarity in these situations.

"As a parent, I just feel it's important to be transparent and honest delivering information in our kids' schools," Dilillo said.

The police report for the incident states that, after the student reported the alleged abuse in February, she was sent back to Knight's class, where the alleged abuse occurred again.

"Not being told what the information was clearly would be very frustrating," Cohasset parent Martha McConnaughey said. "That's unfortunate because I think it's the school's responsibility to share the information with the parents and to keep the kids safe."

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Cohasset Superintendent of Schools Louise Demas was not avaiable to speak on camera, but had a statement on the situation.

"I am disturbed and deeply troubled by these allegations," Demas said. "I understand the families, students, faculty and staff alike will no doubt have questions."

The questions could be answered when Demas holds an emergency meeting for parents on Wednesday.