• Caleigh Harrison's father no longer believes she was abducted


    (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) - Caleigh Harrison was last seen months ago on a Rockport beach with her mother and sister when she disappeared.  The 2-year-old's father held out hope that she was still alive; however, during a press conference held on Monday, he admitted that he no longer believes she was abducted.

    With his parents standing behind him, Anthony Harrison told reporters that he has accepted that his daughter is most likely gone for good.

    Harrison worked with a private team of investigators from Mission for the Missing, but none of the evidence supports the abduction theory.

    Massachusetts State Police advised the family from the very beginning that Caleigh had not been abducted, but that she fell into the water.

    One of Caleigh's relatives, including the young girl's mother Alison Hammond, told FOX 25 that this is not the sentiment of the entire family, and those who still believe that she is alive will continue to search for the little girl.

    Hammond was with Caleigh when she went missing from Long Beach in Rockport on April 19.  Hammond said she only took her eyes off her daughter for a minute or two to retrieve a ball.

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