Brockton native’s wild basketball moves go viral

BROCKTON, Mass. — From Ash Street Park in Brockton to the West Coast, David ‘MAK’ Thompson’s sweet dribbling skills are gaining him legions of fans.

“I took a trip out to California where I don’t anybody, but for some odd reason, everybody knows me,” he said.

Thompson, 32, who grew up in Brockton, posted the first of his funny, unscripted videos in November.

It went viral and changed his life.

The clip aired on ESPN and instantly made him a social media sensation.

It received more than 7 million likes on Facebook.

Thompson has another 2 million likes on TikTok.

“Everywhere I go I feel like I’m getting recognized, some people see it and say aren’t you the guy I see on SportsCenter?,” he said.

ESPN joked he may be the most polite player ever, thanks to his catch-phrase ‘Excuse Me’ as he charges to the hoop.

Thompson, who shoots and edits all the videos on his cell phone, is an assistant teacher at Match Community Charter School in Hyde Park.

He said his videos are a great teaching tool and a unique way to connect with the kids.

“Once one person found me, once one of my students found me that was literally the moment that lit up their eyes. ‘Mr. Thompson! I seen you on TokTok,’” he said.

Thompson is now seen around the world, thanks to his out of this world basketball moves.

You can follow Thompson on Instagram at: iammak_07

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