Braintree homeowners to face charges after police bust nearly 50 high schoolers at house party

BRAINTREE, Mass. — Braintree Police expect charges to be filed against two local parents after officials broke up a party in the town involving about 50 high school students, including some student-athletes, the department confirmed to Boston 25 News.

Alcohol was found in the house by law enforcement, who says that none of the kids involved are facing criminal or juvenile charges.

Yet a lot of these students face social probation for drinking alcohol. For some students, that’s not a huge deal, to not attend certain school events.

But for those who play sports, this could be big.

“I just would like to see the punishment fit the crime, it’s not equally distributed, if you don’t play sports nothing happens,” said Cheryl Hawe, parent.

Many parents of Braintree High School students are worried about the punishment several students could face, after they were busted for drinking alcohol at a big house party last week.

Hawe says some of the students involved could be banned from playing in the upcoming hockey playoff games.

“It seems a little unfair that the kids most involved in the school get punished the most, and these are good kids they’re kids, they made a mistake,” Hawe said.

Others say the teens should know better.

“I don’t think the kids should be playing either, should keep their act together during the school year, usually a lot at stake for these kids,” said Joe Donovan.

Braintree Police say they found dozens of teenagers drinking at a house party last week on Albee Drive.

The homeowners were there at the time, and could face charges for this.

The officers went into the house and in various locations in the house found approximately 50 high school aged students and a large amount of alcohol that was present.

Police say none of the teens will face criminal charges.

But they notified their parents to pick them up that night.

Our biggest concern is the safety of our students and the safety of them driving away if they are intoxicated

Now the matter is in the hands of the Braintree Public Schools, and the MIAA, which oversees high school sports.

And the big question that remains: Will those student athletes who were at the party be able to play?

“I worry about the psychological damage to these kids who are gonna be pariahs with other people because they’ve ruined the playoffs, they’ve ruined this, they’ve ruined that,” Hawe said.

Parents said Braintree has a stricter alcohol policy than most towns.

The homeowners were home at the time of the party and knew about it as it was happening, police say, adding that the pair was not cooperative during the police’s investigation. Police arrived at the Braintree home after receiving an email tip about the party.

“The sergeant in charge of the Family Services Unit talked to the homeowners and they were less than [cooperative] with our investigation,” said Braintree Police Chief Mark Dubois.

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