As only Boston area shop, NETA's neighbors overwhelmed with traffic

As only Boston area shop, NETA's neighbors overwhelmed with traffic

BOSTON — Route 9 on any day is a problem. But mix in a busy pot shop, pedestrians and rainy weather, and you've got some upset neighbors.

People were hoping crowds would die down since New England Treatment Access -- or NETA -- began selling recreational marijuana in March. But some say that hasn’t happened.

Frances Shed-Fisher lives on Walnut Street. She posted this in a community Facebook, which reads partially, "ever since NETA was licensed to sell recreational marijuana, there has been a constant churning of cars coming and going in the parking places on Walnut Street, day and night, seven days a week. We see smokers standing around in small groups and twice in the last week, I’ve spotted drivers sitting in cars smoking weed.”

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NETA says it’s been working closely with neighbors and Brookline Police to make sure their crowds aren’t causing problems.

"We want to do anything that we can to be responsive to our neighbors' concerns and we think we have by and large been very very responsive," NETA compliance director Amanda Rositano said.

Not everyone is frustrated with the crowds. Workers at a nearby coffee shop say business is booming. The owner of a smoke shop in the area says the same thing.

"Now, since it has become recreational and it’s the only in entire Boston, the business has improved definitely," Blue Moon Smoke Shop Venu Mergu said.

Still, some neighbors say more needs to be done.

"I think there need to be more venues besides just this one so people can go elsewhere as well," Susan Johnson said.

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