Roxbury store clerk shot on life support; plea from victim’s mom in Bangladesh

Tanjim Siam, a 25-year-old immigrant student from Bangladesh is on life support, after he was shot execution-style on July 14.

Siam was working as a store clerk at M & R convenience store on Shawmut Avenue in Roxbury. The gunman told Siam to turn around, and get on his knees during a robbery.

“Please make him better,” said Monowara Begum Moni, Siam’s mother.

Through a video interview in the Bengali language, Boston 25 News Reporter Malini Basu spoke with Siam’s mother in their native Bangladesh.

She couldn’t stop crying as she fondly spoke about her firstborn son.

“Right before this happened, he called me 2-3 hours before I spoke to him: ‘Mom, if you were here, we would be doing so much together. Don’t worry, we won’t live this poor forever,‘” said Moni.

Siam came to this country 4 months ago to pursue a college degree, leaving his younger brothers behind.

“We use to do everything together, we used to eat together, do everything,” said Shabu, the younger brother.

He was working at the store, saving money to send it back to his native Bangladesh so his parents and brothers could have a better life.

Moni was in tears as she was showing us photos of her son.

The 25-year-old remains in a coma, and Siam’s family tells me, the 2 bullets remain in his head, and if surgeons operate on him, he might not make it.

“The doctors said, they want a family member there,” said Moni

With the pandemic and travel restrictions, it has made it extremely difficult for mom to fly to the states.

“All people love my son, all the people in our village love him,” said Moni.

Moni said her heart is shattered in pieces. Malini Basu reached out to the US ambassador to Bangladesh Earl Miller, and the US embassy in Bangladesh, hoping they can help the family expedite the process, so mom can hopefully see her son alive. Boston 25 News has not heard back from them. Tanjim’s close friends set up a go fund me account to help the family with medical bills.

A GoFundMe page has been set up, if you’d like to help the family.