Why are Boston University students falling for this scam?

BOSTON — Several Boston University Students have been scammed out hundreds of dollars recently and police say it’s happening more along Commonwealth Avenue.

But why are they falling for it?

As FOX25 reported in March, BU police put out a warning that a suspect has been taking advantage of unsuspecting students.

"Someone was going around and asking for money they needed it for some reason and then giving them a fraudulent check and then getting the money out and the checks would bounce and come back and people were out of money," BU student Pete Lattanzio said.

BU police say the checks turn out to be no good and students are stuck with the loss.

Now, police say it's been happening more and more at ATMs along Comm. Ave.

Brookline police say their suspect is part of a group of people with the same MO. And they seem to be going after college students.

New photos from Brookline police show a man they say is part of a group scamming college students near BU.

“It’s upsetting of course. But it’s also expected in an urban setting like this,” Brookline Deputy Superintendent Michael Gropman said.

On March 6, the suspect allegedly went up to a young man at an ATM on Beacon Street and convinced him to deposit a check in exchange for cash.

“He indicated that he was a student and that his ATM was not working and he'd give these folks a check in excess of the amount he needed to offset the transaction,” Gropman explained.

The suspect is one of several people who have been scamming college students near ATMs over the past month near BU in both Boston and Brookline. Just a few weeks ago, FOX25 reported on a warning BU police put out to students after several were targeted.

“If you are just here for school, you might think walking down the street someone is trying to reach out to you."

As police continue their search, people who live in the area say they're surprised to hear about it happening there and they’re keeping their guard up.

Unfortunately, police say it keeps happening, so they’re trying to get the word out.