Weymouth woman accused of killing cat says police got it wrong

WEYMOUTH, Mass. — Weymouth police say a woman was drunk when she stomped her cat to death, but she tells FOX25 officers have the story wrong.

Ellie Campbell is accused of killing her kitten, Pumpkin, in the driveway.

“That's insane, that’s so wrong. I did not, and I could not, and if I knew anybody who did do that I would be on top of them,” she said.

Campbell said her neighbor actually ran the cat over with a car, and she stepped in the pool of blood.

“I had a reason for being crazy and mad. Not at the cat, it was because of the cat I flipped out because of what I saw,” she said.

Police were called to Campbell’s home for a report of a disturbance. They say she was throwing things at her neighbor’s car.

Campbell said she “flipped out” because she was upset over the death of her cat.

“Accidents do happen. All he had to do was explain to us, that he ran our kitten over. And that he was sorry,” Campbell’s boyfriend Billy Couchon said.

A police report obtained by FOX25 explains what police saw.

"At the front of the car in the driveway I observed a small kitten with what appeared to be a broken neck with blood spatted out of its head and neck area. The kitten appeared to have been stomped and flatten by someone. The socks were covered in blood and with the splatter of blood on Campbell's legs it confirmed that the cat was stomped by Campbell."

Campbell is now charged with animal cruelty.

“They got a completely wrong. That's insane. I can't believe people with think I did that,” she said. “I love them so much I have tattoos of animals.”

Campbell said she still hasn’t told her daughter that their cat is dead. The neighbor she said ran the cat over has since moved out.