Wellesley doctor convicted of killing wife trying for new trial

BOSTON — The Wellesley doctor convicted of killing his wife in 1999 is once again hoping for a new trial.

Dirk Greineder, a well-known allergist at Brigham & Women's Hospital, was convicted of first-degree murder in the death of his wife, Mabel. Prosecutors said Greineder killed his wife after she discovered his secret life of prostitutes and Internet pornography. Greineder claimed she was killed by a stranger.

"Everyone just couldn't believe it,” said Mike Eld of Wellesley.

At first, Greineder told police she was attacked in the Wellesley park after he walked ahead of her with their dogs. Fifteen years after a jury found him guilty, he's trying to make his case to a federal judge.

"He's exhausted his remedies within the state system and he's petitioning for a writ of habeas corpus to transfer to us district court to see if he can overturn the conviction there,” said David Yannetti, a former prosecutor.

The convicted killer wants federal court to hear the case on multiple grounds including the trial attorney's failure to object to certain DNA evidence.  Yannetti reviewed Greineder's petition for FOX25 and says he's trying prove the trial attorney failed to object to certain DNA evidence.

“Essentially there was a DNA expert that tested certain evidence but did not testify at trial. The DNA expert who did ultimately testify at trial gave an independent opinion but based that opinion on what the first DNA expert did,” he said.

One of Greineder’s daughter, Britt, talked to FOX25 Tuesday, saying she will be here at federal court on Thursday as they continue to support their father as he tries to get a new trial.

“It is our contention that Dirk Greineder did not receive a fair trial due to multiple violations of his federal constitutional rights. We are asking the federal district court to rectify that injustice and order a new trial,” Greineder’s attorney James Sultan said.

Greineder is currently serving that life sentence at MCI Norfolk. A federal court appeal hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

The associated Press contributed to the story.