• WATCH: Singing grocery store employee stops hurried shoppers in their tracks

    By: Steven Yablonski


    WATERTOWN, Mass. - The internet is going crazy after videos of an employee singing at a Watertown food store was posted to social media.

    Russo’s, located at 560 Pleasant St., has been posting videos on their Facebook page showcasing local singers, and recently posted one of their employee, Gilly.

    Well, Gilly is amazing.

    Russo’s posted a video of Gilly singing ‘O Holy Night’ on Saturday. As of Monday morning, more than 16,000 people have seen the video after more than 120 shares.

    Customers are seen stopping in their tracks to listen to Gilly, some with their phones out to record the beautiful moment.

    After the video was posted online, customers began showing their support for the singing employee.

    “Beautiful,” customer Deb Cronan said on Facebook. “Brought tears to my eyes.”

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