VOTER GUIDE: Framingham voters elect first mayor

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — UPDATE: Yvonne Spicer has won the Framingham mayoral race.

The town of Framingham became the city of Framingham by a little more than 100 votes earlier this year, and on Tuesday voters are casting their ballots to choose their first-ever mayor.

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The candidates: Yvonne Spicer, a museum of science executive, and John Stefanini, a former state representative.

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Both candidates emerged from a crowded field in September's preliminary election.

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As a new city, Framingham also is electing a brand new, 11-member City Council, and will get rid of the Board of Selectman and Town Manager positions.

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MetroWest Daily News is predicting voter turnout to be about 50 percent.

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The polls opened in Framingham at 7 a.m.