Two weeks in, cannabis shops seeing thousands of customers a day

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. — The recreational marijuana industry is booming in Massachusetts. After just two weeks, millions of dollars in sales have been reported.

The Cannabis Control Commission says recreational marijuana sales topped $4.8 million to date and more than 56,000 items were sold in the first five days the Leicester and Northampton shops were open.

Currently, they are the only two operating dispensaries. New England Treatment Access - or NETA - in Northampton is seeing some 2,000 customers a day.

"This was kind of all new to me and after all these years of people worrying about it being legal and not. I think it’s fun. It’s like being at Disney World or something," said Bob Moore, who drove from Burlington, Mass. for the experience.

The average amount of money spent per item was about $40 the first week.

Donald Abrahamson tells Boston 25 News he was concerned the popular demand would make getting his medical marijuana prescription filled challenging, but he says the process has gotten better.

"I kinda think it's quicker," he said. "Now, I just walk in and everybody's accessible."

There were traffic and crime concerns ahead of the opening of NETA and Cultivate in Leicester, but there have been no significant reports of problems.

NETA has been paying nearly $3,000 a day for three traffic officers; this also includes continuing to restrict access to Fulton Avenue.

"They'll come around. The economy. I'm from Colorado and Colorado's economy just boomed," said Lisa Health. "They explain everything. I had lots of questions. And just super nice folks and it's just nice to have it finally available after all this time."

The city of Northampton sees three percent of every single sale made at NETA.