Tufts University police officers save the day for cancer patient having trouble parking her SUV

Finding a parking spot outside Tufts Medical Center isn’t always easy, especially after a snowstorm and when you’re sick, like Mary Franklin.

The 61-year-old Roslindale woman is battling stage-four colon cancer and visits the hospital regularly for chemotherapy appointments.

“There was a huge ice bank there and I just could not myself, the truck rather, in the right way to be parked appropriately,” she said.

So that’s when Mary flagged down Tufts University Police Officers, Sgt. Brian Moran and Sgt. Duane Weisse, after she parked her SUV partially on the sidewalk.

“She happened to be walking towards us and asked if she would get a ticket because the way she was parked. The back wheels were up on the sidewalk,” Sgt. Weisse said.

Franklin added, “So I said, could you park it for me, please? I had an appointment at Tufts, and he said I was headed to lunch. I could just see the compassion and the kindness in his spirit.”

The two veteran officers immediately jumped in to help Franklin. While Sgt. Weisse directed traffic on Washington Street, Sgt. Moran hopped-in Franklin’s SUV and maneuvered it off the sidewalk and parked it properly.

“We didn’t hear any crashes or crunches, so it worked out pretty well,” Sgt. Moran said.

Franklin is an activist for her husband Melvin’s unsolved 1996 murder. She feels some people may get the impression she doesn’t get along with the police, but says that is not true, especially after Sgt. Moran and Sgt. Weisse saved her day.

“I saw what they did as putting aside the pandemic and thinking about what else could be wrong here. She’s on her way to the hospital, and that was so kind of them,” Franklin said.

Both officers say they were just doing their jobs. Each has served for decades. Sgt. Weisse has been with the Tufts University Police Department for 29 years, while Sgt. Moran spent 26 years with the Massachusetts State Police before retiring and joining the staff at Tufts University.